Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Well, it's FINALLY warming up here. After a surprise snow storm in March, I was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen...but it is! Spring is such a gift. And best of all OUR SAVIOR IS RISEN FROM THE DEAD! YAY for the Easter season!

Here at the Newman Center, we had 26 catechumens enter the Church at the Easter Vigil. I had the privilege of sponsoring one of them, and it was truly a blessing to be able to accompany her on her journey (at least the beginning of it...in many ways the real journey has only just begun!)

Seeing so many enter the Church from such varying backrounds, yet all seeking the same thing, Christ and the fullness of truth that He desires to give us, provided me with a lot to reflect upon. What an incredible gift we have in knowing Our Lord, and in His amazing Church! What a gift that GOD died and rose from the dead to reopen the gates of heaven for us! And how AWESOME will it be to finally get there and spend forever with Him, in the presence of total and complete love! It blows my mind.

So yeah, heaven's going to be a party! In the mean time, it's a great gift to have the opportunity to help other souls encounter Christ so that they too can share in the awesome inheritance He offers. I love my job! : )

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Not just at UNL....

FOCUS at UNL has all sorts of great stuff going on all the time! FOCUS Greek, Varsity Catholic, etc….super fabulous! On top of all that's happening at UNL, however, FOCUS is also striving to reach out to other local colleges in the area. One of these schools is Wesleyan University.

Wesleyan is a Methodist school here in Lincoln with about 1,600 students. Many of them are either Catholic or interested in learning more about Catholicism. Additionally, like at any college, the students there are continually tempted to engage in immoral and self-destructive lifestyles. Last year, there was a weekly Bible study sponsored by FOCUS that met every Monday night. An average of around 15-20 students came every week. About 15 Wesleyan students joined us for our SEEK cross-country adventure. They all came back on fire for Christ, and this semester there will be three weekly Bible studies (one for men, one for women, and a co-ed one), a weekly Wesleyan Holy Hour, and a monthly Wesleyan hang-out at the missionary house.

This is my second year as the UNL FOCUS missionary representative at this campus. It's truly a gift to have the opportunity to work with these students, and to see the way that Christ is knocking on the doors of their hearts. Please keep them all in your prayers!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

SEEK and you shall find....

As soon as I returned to Nebraska, it was time to head South again! We began the semester by bringing over 300 students to SEEK2013, a national conference held by FOCUS in Orlando, FL. It drew over 6,000 college students from all across the country. The purpose of this conference was to provide an opportunity for these students to encounter Christ and the richness of truth that He offers them in His Church. Here are some testimonies about what the students from UNL experienced:

“I learned so many good things.  We were surrounded by wonderful Catholic speakers.  A quote from speaker Jason Evert really encouraged me.  He said “The fruit of prayer is not always experienced in prayer, but in the rest of your life.”  I know that even if I don’t hear the answers to my questions while in prayer, I will find God’s will by living a life rooted in prayer.”

“My most vivid memory was watching 6000 students line up for confession more eagerly than if they were waiting for a ride at Disney.  This act alone showedhow passionate everyone was about their relationship with God.  I cannot express my gratitude for the lessons I have taken away from SEEK 2013.”

“I went to SEEK hoping to get spiritually hit in the head with a 2x4.  I was hoping God would reveal my vocation or give me a sign about my future.  What I got was so much better.  I got Him.  During adoration and confession Jesus was right there telling me that He was the one I’ve been seeking all this time.  He was the only one I needed.  I’d been trying to fill my life with friends; school and material possessions and He looked straight into my heart and soul and told me that those things could never satisfy me – only Him.”

“This trip changed my life.  My eyes have finally been opened and I truly understand the commitment it takes to be Catholic.  This will be the pivotal point I can talk about years from now.”

“My favorite parts of SEEK2013 turned out to be things I really wasn’t looking forward to.  I learned to see the beauty of Mass.  Confession was also my favorite part and it brought tears to my eyes to see literally thousands of young people standing in line to confess."

“I gained a sense that my peers are actively seeking God.  I am not alone."

These are just a few of the many testimonies that students shared about how God rocked them. Overall, TOTALLY worth all the headaches that went into organizing the trip! Praise God for the opportunity to serve these students for another semester! Thanks so much for your prayers and support!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

A special Christmas prayer request

Hello everyone!

What will the new year bring for UNL? Well, beginning January 1st, we'll be taking over 300 students to a national conference held in Orlando, FL called SEEK2013. Feel free to check out the website:


There will be over 6,000 students from all around the country attending. FOCUS holds these national conferences so that college students have the opportunity to tackle their questions about the Faith with their peers, and realize that there are many other students are also seeking the truth. There will be adoration, confession, numerous talks given by prominent Catholics, and of course the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

PRAY FOR ALL THE STUDENTS IN ATTENDANCE!!! For many of them, Christ has been knocking at the door of their hearts for a long time, just waiting for them to be open to the outpouring of grace that He wishes to shower down. This conference will hopefully be a catalyst to breaking down the barriers that students have erected between themselves and God. It's very exciting to think about all that God has in store!

I hope that this Christmas if filled with blessings for everyone, and that this season of Advent is a wonderful time of preparation for the greatest gift that mankind has ever received, the Son of God.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some sweet moments of grace...

Hey y'all!

I just wanted to give you a few neat updates on what's been happening here at UNL. There is so much to tell, but here are just a few neat events that I wanted to share:

-A girl that I've been meeting with regularly came back to the sacrament of confession after several years away. Praise God!

-We had a Eucharistic Procession here on campus on the Feast of all Saints which attracted over 200 students.We processed with the Blessed Sacrament around campus for about an hour, singing hymns the whole way. It was one of the most beautiful events that I've ever witnessed.

-An exorcist came to speak here on campus, and about 600 students attended. His message emphasized the fact that God is so much stronger than the devil, and that if we are staying close to God through prayer and the sacraments, we have nothing to fear. Many students came purely out of curiosity, but left with a powerful challenge to recommit their lives to God.

-We are currently in the midst of preparations to take students to a national FOCUS conference down in Florida at the beginning of January. There will be about 6,000 students in attendance from around the country. It'll be quite the crowd! There will be talks about how grow in holiness and live out the Faith in today's culture, as well as Adoration, the sacrament of confession, and Mass. In the past, this event has been instrumental in numerous conversions! We currently have almost 250 students signed up from UNL, with more deciding to join us on this trip every day!

-There are currently a number of students here discerning whether or not they are called to give God either a couple weeks during their summer to go on a missions trip, or at least the next two years of their lives to serve Him as FOCUS missionaries. Please keep them in your prayers!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Initiating the Year of Faith here at UNL

Hi everybody!!

I just wanted to give y'all an update on some recent happenings here at UNL! This past weekend, we hosted a retreat in the country for all of the students leading Bible studies on campus. It was meant to be a time for them to get away, reconnect with Jesus, and reconnect with each other. After sharing a meal together, we began a night of exposition of the Blessed Sacrament with a talk about how they are all called to be missionaries and a part of the New Evangelization as student leaders on campus. Confessions were available, as well. Some of us then had s'mores and sang songs around a camp fire, while other students remained with Jesus in prayer. Students and missionaries stayed with Jesus in prayer all night long until 10am the next day. At that time, an awesome priest came and challenged us all to be joyful and share Jesus because when you're in love with someone, you tell people about them! : ) We celebrated Mass together, and spent the rest of the weekend enjoying recreation interspersed with more talks and prayer. About 70 of the 100 student Bible study leaders were able to join us throughout the weekend, and it was encouraging to see their zeal and appreciation for the encouragement and build-up time.

I think one of the most awesome things about the weekend was to see the ardent desire that these students have to reach out to their peers. We as FOCUS missionaries are of course desirous for the whole campus to realize the awesome plan that God has for their lives and the beautiful gift that He's given us in His Church. To see how the students that we are investing in as leaders share this zeal, however, is awesome! Ultimately, it's not only about helping them to make the Faith their own, but also about helping them become equipped to pass it on to others.

Pray for Curtis Martin, the founder of FOCUS! He is currently at the Synod for the New Evangelization at the request of the Pope. What an awesome way to begin this year of Faith!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to the good life!!!

Hi all! Finally, another post from the world's most inconsistent blogger....

Well, I'm back in Nebraska, and it's SO GOOD to return to the good life. We just finished Fall Outreach, which is the first two weeks of FOCUS-sponsered events here on campus. The purpose is to make students aware of the fact that we're here and up to great things, and to encourage them to become involved in all that we are offering to them to help them in their walk with the Lord. This year, I was in charge of this period of events. It was certainly a busy and stressful time, but FILLED with God moments!

One such moment happened during our event called Primetime. This event is specifically designed to introduce new students here at UNL to what FOCUS is, and to encourage them to make God a priority as they acclimate to life on campus. At a prior event that involved the whole campus called Big Red Welcome, we went around with shirts that said "husker catholic...the door of Faith is always open" and encouraged students to fill out raffle tickets for a Best Buy giftcard. These tickets also have boxes to check specifying if students are interested in a Bible Study or if they are Catholic. If students checked these boxes, we contacted them. The winner of the raffle for the giftcard was announced at Primetime.

The winner of this year's raffle was neither interested in a Bible study nor Catholic...however, after sitting through our event so that she could receive her giftcard, she signed up for RCIA because she was so moved by what she heard! Pretty awesome considering that neither learning about who Christ is nor learning about His word was something that she was initially interested in!

This is just one of the stories that make the 16 hour work days and the not-very-much-sleep-at night nights TOTALLY worth it! When it comes to souls, no sacrifice is too great. Thankfully, the initial series of outreach events has ended and our schedule is less stressful (and involves more sleeping). It is SO GOOD to be dedicating another year of my life to helping college students grow closer to Christ and discover the awesome gift that He's given us in His Church. Thank you so much for your prayers and support in helping to make it possible!